Julia Ramaci –Pony Rider Parent

We have the AccuStride Board up in our arena at home, it’s absolutely fantastic! The board gives me so much confidence knowing the distances that I build are accurate when we are training. Before we had this kit, I was unsure about how correct the distances were in the combinations that I was building, especially as we have different sized ponies, all with different strides. Having this board up in the arena, with the tape measure to hand has made a huge improvement in both the ponies confidence and my children. 

The AccuStride pocket sized measuring guide is so helpful to use when we are out and about, I know I can now hire an arena and build my own course for my children with correct distances. When I walk a course now with my children I can tell them confidently to push on or hold depending if a distance is long or short.  AccuStride has given me the knowledge to know my strides, I now walk a course and  know with confidence how many strides there should be.

This is an absolute must have!

Claire Gradley International Show Jumper, Trainer and Pony Rider Parent

As a parent of a child who competes on ponies, a trainer and a rider, using AccuStride has given me all the information that I need to build safe, true distances for myself, my son and my clients. I’ve had the board in my arena for several months, its weatherproof, durable and has survived the demands of what a busy competition yard has thrown at it. It wipes clean when covered in arena surface, is easily drilled to be screwed to arena fencing or equally can be left with your jumps and carried around with you along with the tape measure when you’re building your courses.