Carly Tredinnick – Pony Rider Parent and Ex Competitor

"The concept of AccuStride came about after a couple of years competing on the Junior Affiliated Show Jumping circuit. "

The concept of AccuStride came about after a couple of years competing on the Junior Affiliated Show Jumping circuit. Previously I had competed across Europe on my own home produced horses, I had no experience with pony show jumping what so ever other than growing up going through Pony Club. I completed by BHS stages, NVQ’S and teaching exams and competed to a fairly good level where I was trained by some the best riders in world.

I absorbed as much knowledge and information as I could but this now, in pony show jumping was all mainly at a loss to me! I had some knowledge, just not the right kind of knowledge! How on earth would I confidently build courses in training for my young daughter and walk courses with her and give her correct information when I had no idea what I was walking and building myself! It was easy in horses, you walked your distances you knew what you had strided out and weather it was long or short, push or hold and I was only accountable to myself if it all went wrong! Things aren’t that simple anymore, each pony can compete in its relative height category, it can compete on an open pony height stride and the same pony can compete unaffiliated on a horse stride! What on earth does all this mean for our training!?

We expect one day a 128cm pony to jump on a 128cm pony stride, we warm it up in an open class on an open pony stride and then the following weekend we take it unaffiliated to get its confidence back or for some fun and compete on a horse stride! If we aren’t practising what these distances are at home, how on earth are our children or riders meant to know what they’re to do in the ring?  We need to give them a chance, the opportunity to educate themselves in their riding of what the distances are and how to ride them appropriately.  With AccuStride we can do this. If your 138cm pony is constantly having poles or stops  in its distances when in a 138cm pony competition the chances are you’ve been training over open distances at home and it struggles with the tighter distances at shows or vice versa. If we all have the knowledge accessible to us, on hand in our arenas we can build the distances that we are going to be faced with in our competitions and work towards them.

With AccuStride you can build your distances at home, walk them, see how many strides you take when walking what you’ve built, note it down, remember it and compare it to what you get in the ring. It wont take long until you’re confident in knowing if it’s a long or short distance for your horse or pony at the competition. Practice the variations and know that you’re well prepared for whatever course may be presented to you in competition.