Are you constantly questioning the striding in your distances that you have built at home?

Are you a trainer coaching various heights of horses and ponies and want to build true distances that are safe and relative to competitions?

Are you a parent at a loss of what the strides should be?

Do you walk the course and question how many strides you should be riding?

Do you worry that you are about to send your child or horse down a distance and have no idea what the strides are?

Are you a show centre or arena hire facility that would like to display and educate riders on correct distances?

Any of the above ring true?
You need AccuStride in your arena!

Are you social?

Main Board

An innovative weatherproof design of correct horse and pony distances for your training at home, lessons and in competition.

Easy to interpret in metres and also feet and inches.

ONLY £19.99

Pocket Edition

For the on the go, pocket sized editions that fit easily into your pocket or onto your keys.

ONLY £12.99

Measuring Tape

Never guess again and accurately measure your distances with our tape.

Only £10.99